About us

When The Fine Art Warehouse launched in late 2019, not with a mission to change the world, shake up the industry and transform the way people buy art supplies online. 

No. It was much, much simpler than that. 

James, our founder and creative entrepreneur, saw an opportunity. A gap. A gap in something he's always had keen interest in – art. 

Whilst looking at art supplies for his sons online, he was irked by how expensive some suppliers were and irritated by the endless amount of choice. 

To him, surprising as it was, there didn't seem to be anyone (in fine art supplies) that truly championed the hobbyist or keen enthusiast. You'd either have to pay through the nose for high-end branded supplies or suffer tat that doesn’t last 5 minutes.

Where was the middle ground? Surely there had to be someone? 

There wasn't. 

So, he thought, why not give it a try? Why not see if he could make it work? You only live once, right? 

Fast forward to now – 10,000 customers, 8 product lines, 1500 reviews, and over 75,000 products delivered – and counting! 

Turns out there is an appetite for high-quality fine art supplies at surprisingly low-prices. 

And long may it continue. 

The difference is we’re picky about what supplies we source, which manufactures we use, and always buy in bulk. This means The Fine Art Warehouse will only ever bring you supplies that match our middle ground. 

If a product doesn’t stack up, then we don't stock it – simple. 

So, if for any reason our products don't meet your expectations, you have 28-days to send it back to us for a full refund. No questions asked. 

As you know as well as us, you’re only as good as your last order. So please, put us to the test, see if our walk is as good as our talk. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.