Painting with quality brushes is sheer joy & Sable Hair is considered by most to be the ultimate.But the crazy cost at some art shops makes Sable out of reach for most aspiring artists ...until now! In order to force down the prices, we went direct to a prestigious brush manufacturer & ordered a MASSIVE supply. These incredible savings are passed directly on to you. *In our research we found in one shop that you can be asked to pay up to £122.09 for JUST ONE size 12 Sable Brush. In another shop the price for ONE size 10 Sable Brush was £78.49. There are, of course, different qualities of Sable and we believe our brushes compare very favourably indeed especially when you consider the price!! 

We invite you to compare the quality with other sable brushes sold in any fine artistsʼ store and if you donʼt believe ours to be the most tremendous value, simply return them within 28 days & your money will  be refunded 
without question or quibble... that is guaranteed!