100% Cotton Canvas Panels (Single Packs)


From well respected canvas brand Phoenix. These panels are made from 100% long-staple cotton with a natural texture, higher tinting strength, and excellent touching sense. The cotton surface of the painting canvas doesn’t shrink and is stable in every dimension. The cotton canvas holds paints well and keeps the paints with their natural tones and glossiness.

The rigid board made with mdf has been proven to be smoother, harder than usual paper boards. And does not curl up even after being applied with large amount of paints. Each piece of painting panel has been strictly inspected to avoid stain, wrap or deformation.

The 8 ounce gesso primed fine grain canvas keeps the painting surface ready to paint, collage, draw, sketch and illustrate with excellent tinting strength and does not crumble or crack. Suitable for all kinds of painting materials, e.g, oil, acrylic, watercolour, gouache, pastels, and tempera. Works especially well for oil and acrylic colour to keep your paintings bright and glossy. Safe AP and CE verified certifications.

Every other canvas is vacuum packed. Lightweight and easy to store and carry. 

SPECIFICATIONS – Canvas size: Various. Canvas Thickness: 4 mm.

Prices –
20cm x 20cm - £6.99
30cm x 24cm - £9.99
30cm x 30cm - £11.99
40cm x 30cm - £15.99
50cm x 40cm - £19.99

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